13 roundup stories: Down onstage accident, BMTH injury plus Roger Waters, Phil Lynott, U2, GnR, U2, Dream Theater and more

Phil Anselmo

Bloody mess: Anselmo on stage / Bards Eye

Phil Anselmo of Down was the victim of an onstage accident last night, as witnessed by Skid Row guitarist Snake Sabo. Anselmo’s bandmate Pepper Keenan appeared to strike the frontman on the head with his instrument while they were playing the song Lifer, which he’d just dedicated to Pantera icon Dimebag Abbott. Sabo reported from the scene: “Pepper just busted Philip’s head open. Blood all over the place – but they keep going! Fucking awesome!” Picture by Bards Eye Photography.

Meanwhile, Bring Me the Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls has also been in the wars. He broke his band during a football match featuring members of the support acts on their current UK tour, and won’t be able to play drums for six weeks. Nicholls says: “Members of BMTH, Parkway Drive and Architects decided to play footy and I made the mistake of going in the net. The ball came to me and I knocked it away with my hands. Winston from Parkway Drive clipped my hand with his foot, and there you have it – one broken hand.” Architects drummer Dan Searle will replace Nicholls for the upcoming shows.

Former Pink Floyd mainman Roger Waters will release an eight-disc box set in May. The Roger Waters collection features seven CDs and one DVD and covers work from his solo career.

The demo version of a song which Phil Lynott planned to record with Huey Lewis and the News has been released online. The Thin Lizzy mainman was working with Lewis on Still Alive but died before its completion. News guitarist Johnny Colla says: “Contrary to rumours, Mutt Lange was present one night but he didn’t produce the sessions. Huey and Phil did some painstaking lead vocals, then we made rough mixes and went home.” The version Colla found on cassette and remastered doesn’t feature Lynott’s vocals.

Bumblefoot describes balancing his work with Guns n’Roses and his other duties as like trying to walk with too many testicles. He explains: “One of your balls is huge then you have a bunch of other smaller balls, and you have to figure out how to walk. It’s a challenge to budget time and be everywhere at once without an army of clones. When Guns need me I’m there, and when my time is free I run like the wind.”

Machine Head mainman Robb Flynn is dedicating a song on the band’s upcoming album to people who behave like locusts. He says: “Locust is about the way they fly when they’re in swarms. They can’t control which direction they go, so they can only float in the win and they come down and cause all this destruction, then fly away. The song is a metaphor for that type of person.”

Nergal reports Behemoth‘s first band meeting since he recovered from his battle against leukaemia went well: “I just came back from our first gathering since my imprisonment. We were brainstorming about the future – we want to make sure our upcoming shows will be our best yet. The performance will be raised to the next level and the set will be refreshed with songs we’ve never played live before. It’s lots of work but we’re more than ready to bite the bullet.”

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno says that, instead of playing albums in full during live shows, he feels obligated to play tracks from as many releases as possible. He explains: “A lot of people got into us through one record, and who knows what record it could be? A lot of kids will come up and say, ‘This is my favourite record,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Okay, we weren’t going to play anything from that one tonight but we’ll add a couple of songs into the list just to balance it out.’”

U2 are promising to break the rules of the Glastonbury festival in order to make things up to fans who missed out when they were forced to cancel last year’s appearance as a result of frontman Bono’s back problems. Bassist Adam Clayton says: “It’s very un-Glastonbuty to have a big production but we’ll sneak a few things in through the back gate. We’re stretching the level of what can be done there. Hopefully it’ll make the experience like Glastonbury on steroids.”

Godsmack mainman Sully Erna has shouted down rumours the band are splitting, and says they’ll go from strength to strength even if his solo work takes off. He says: “I don’t see the band going anywhere. If branding my own name and doing movie scores becomes five times more popular than Godsmack, it’s only going the strengthen the band. I think people will continue to follow where I go and what I do.”

Fugazi are in the process of preparing to release every live performance they ever recorded. Frontman Ian MacKaye says: “We’re making a database of thousands of recordings. I’m editing and fixing things up – and we’ve been working on it for two years now.” The plan is to launch a website with 100 shows and add 20 a month, with any pricing structure still to be decided. But the band aren’t planning to end the indefinite hiatus which started eight years aho – MacKaye says: “We’ll play together if we want to and the time allows it.”

Paul McCartney will re-release his first two solo albums on June 13. McCartney from 1970 and McCartney II from 1980 will feature bonus tracks, a DVD, booklet and unseen photos. He oversaw the remastering work at Abbey Road Studios and it was completed by the people who produced the Beatles’ remasters.

Rumours have been rife for some time that Dream Theater have chosen Mike Mangini to be their new drummer. As fans’ teasing continues with a series of videos about the audition process, director Mike Leonard says Mangini stood out for him during shooting: “Mike is an incredibly genuine and nice guy, just like all the members of Dream Theater. He impressed me the most. He plays the most complicated things like they’re nothing – he’s a monster, just incredible. I’ll never forget it.”

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