DJ Muppet, Martin Kielty and Martin Bate argue over the top 20 headlines and top 10 tracks of the year

Since Rock News Desk launched in February 2011 we’ve brought you over 4500 stories presented under more than 800 headlines.

Picking the top ones of the year isn’t easy – and in this podcast presenter DJ Muppet, editor Martin Kielty and special guest Martin Bate (Xfm, Rock Radio) more or less fail to get to grips with the challenge.

These are the twenty stories we think made 2011 stand out most. And alongside them we bring you the ten most memorable rock and metal tracks of the year.

See the links below for the stories discussed on the show.

Top stories in chronological order:

Slayer’s Hanneman contracts flesh-eating disease

Di’Anno jailed for benefit fraud

Elton’s band partied harder than the Stones

Easy-listening Cross revels in his hard rock history

Bon Jovi played Rock Band – and lost

You shark me all night long

Alice: Elvis told me to shoot him

Ozzy thought Betty Ford Clinic was private drugs den

Coheed bassist Todd charged with armed robbery

Ex-QOTSA bassist in SWAT standoff with rifle

Wolfmother frontman arrested after drunken stage invasion

Hetfield considers Mustaine, Ulrich, Ellefson supergroup

Manson afraid of blood

Rock DJs are heroes in killing spree threat

Sacked My Chem drummer tried to frame crewman

Tori Amos calls metal out

Reed’s Lulu death threats

20,000 say no to Nickelback

Axl: I take it all personally

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