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Contributors: Martin Haggarty, Tony Cottam, Sarah Firebrand, Dom Smith, Keith L, DJ Muppet, David Gibson

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The Rock News Desk character is built out of 20 years experience of working on real news stories for real national and international news services. Editor Martin Kielty has worked on the 9/11 attacks, the Gulf War, general elections, the Bosnia and Kosovo wars, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Dunblane Massacre and hundreds of hard-hitting news stories in between.

We’re not interested in idle gossip, half-baked rumours or groundless speculation. We have world-class news judgement and we bring it to bear on the stories behind the music you love.

The result is a shamelessly powerful, fast-moving, dynamic assertive news service – the service you deserve.

Rock News Desk accepts press releases for consideration, but we do not guarantee publication. We accept suggestions for article contribution and are actively looking for the best bloggers across the rock and metal community to add their voice to an essential, vibrant, valuable community resource.